AI Content Detector

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Cut Through the Chaos.

Verify Online Content with Polygraf

AI Content Detector.

Redefine Content Authenticity with AI.

In a world where information flow is ceaseless, it is crucial to be able to distinguish between human and AI-generated content.

Product Features

AI Detector


Distinguishes between human-generated and AI-generated or AI-modified content, providing confidence scores between 0% and 100%.

Source Detector


Identifies which AI models were utilized to create AI content. Currently supported models include Open AI (ChatGPT 3.5, 4), Google Gemini, Meta Llama 3, Mistral AI and Claude.

Writing Analysis


Provides insights into the structure of text, including perplexity, readability, vocabulary richness, syntactic tree depth, average sentence length, and average word length.

Deception Filter


Detects intentional and unintentional text edits aimed to deceive AI models, such as empty spaces between words and deliberate grammatical errors.

Humanized Text Analysis


Analyzes text to detect content that mimics human comprehension, while considering context, nuances, and sensitivities.

Copyright Detector


Detects the original source of the content, providing URLs and exact sentence or phrase matches from the source.

Refine Content Authenticity with AI.

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** Source Detector uses 1.5x tokens than standard features

** Humanized Text Analysis uses 2x tokens than standard features

How Does it Work?

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    Proprietary AI Protocols

    Our proprietary AI protocols have been trained extensively on human and AI-generated content, identifying patterns and nuances in text to distinguish between the two with remarkable precision.

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    Real-time Detector

    Detects and verifies the origin of content in real-time, against multiple generative AI models.

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    Probability Assessment

    Provides insights into content's origin, reliability, trustworthiness, and whether it's human or AI- generated, modified, or enhanced, including identification of specific AI models used.

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    Forensic Linguistic Analysis

    Traces machine-generated text back to the source material used to train AI models.

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    Intuitive Interface with In-Depth Analytics

    Easy-to-use dashboards and clear scores. Dive deep into potential matches with direct source links and similarity percentages.

Who Will Love It?

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    Identify misleading or artificially created information immediately and uncover the source of any online content.
  • 02
    Content Creators
    Cross-check your work for originality, avoiding unintentional similarities or borrowed phrases. Preserve content authenticity, integrity, and foster genuine human connections online.
  • 03
    Scrutinize submissions, research papers, and academic articles, ensuring that the work stands on the pillars of originality and credibility.
  • 04
    Discern genuine human narratives from machine-generated ones, and ensure that the content you publish and distribute is of the highest quality.
  • 05
    Ensure genuine product descriptions and authentic reviews to build trust and provide an authentic shopping journey.
  • 06
    Verify and filter information to ensure authenticity, distinguishing between genuine human insights and AI-generated or altered data in real-time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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01Why we need Polyagraf AI Content Detector?


Polygraf AI Content Detector is designed to authenticate and validate text by determining whether it is written by humans, or generated or modified by AI. It uses advanced algorithms to provide AI Content Identification, Source Detector, Humanized Text Analysis, and Writing Style Assessment. We offer both a Chrome extension and a web-based service.

02Do I need an account? How do I sign up?


You need a Polygraf account and a plan to use Polygraf AI Content Detector. You can create an account and sign up for a plan using simple Chrome extension prompts or sign up here.

03Can I use both the web-based tool and the Chrome browser extension?


You can use your Polygraf account to use either of the services for AI Content Detection, as they simply different interfaces for the same service.

04How do I install and use the Polygraf AI Content Detection Chrome extension?


Installing the Polygraf extension is straightforward. Simply add it to your Chrome browser from the Chrome Web Store follow the prompts to sign up for an account or plan. Once installed, you can simply activate the extension button and then select text for analysis.

05What is the best plan for me?


Polygraf offers plans tailored to your needs. The free plan is intended to give you a feel for our Contention Detection capabilities and comes with time-bound and limited features. Our standard plan is intended for individuals, while our premium plans are best suited for content creators, small or mid-sized businesses and educators. Enterprises with intensive workflows can contact us here for customized plans. You can also compare our plan offerings here .

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Our Products

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AI-powered Solutions that Enable you to Instantly Trust what you Read, Hear & See.

We understand the growing challenges posed by human and AI-generated misinformation, and we are committed to addressing these issues head-on.


AI Governance


Harness the power of AI while ensuring data privacy by preventing data breaches and leaks.


AI Content Detection


Redefine content authenticity with AI by distinguishing between human-generated content and generative AI outputs.


Print & Scan Governance


Secure your printers and scanners with AI: automatically redact confidential, personal, or sensitive data, integrating your devices into your organization's cybersecurity and data governance strategy.


eCommerce Trust Engine


Use AI-powered authentication to identify false and misleading consumer reviews, including those generated by AI, with a single click.

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