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What is Polygraf AI?

Polygraf AI is an AI protocol that identifies if digital content is reliable, trustworthy, and/or AI-generated. Applied to online reviews, our free Chrome browser extension, Polygraf Trust Engine, uses our AI protocol to holistically analyze review content, product features, seller & buyer behavior, and provide you with an objective AI-generated star rating and trust score so that you can shop with confidence. Sellers can rely on the fact that reviews we analyze, good or bad, are genuine feedback from the customer experience and not from malicious actors looking to damage the brand. Satisfied customers also mean minimal returns.

What criteria are used by Polygraf Trust Engine when analyzing reviews & products?

Polygraf Trust Engine uses real-time behavioral AI in conjunction with sentiment analysis to analyze reviews. Our algorithm is holistic and also uses other parameters when determining content reliability & trustworthiness. Our analyses are in real-time and dynamic – as users write reviews for products, our AI updates Trust scores, snapshots & ratings at the reviews, products, and seller levels. It’s also always learning, so the more reviews we analyze – the more accurate and nuanced feedback you get.

What e-commerce websites is Polygraf Trust Engine currently available on?

Polygraf Trust Engine is presently available for products and reviews on Amazon, and but will soon be available for a variety of e-commerce platforms in the US and globally.

What are Polygraf Trust scores and how are they calculated?

Polygraf Trust Engine generates trust scores at 2 levels: (a) At the individual review level: We calculate our trust score for each review by using our advanced AI engine. Our AI engine considers a range of factors including the history and reputation of the writer, the language used in the review, the writer's tonality, and the consistency of the review with other reviews for the same and competing products. Our AI uses these factors to generate a holistic score that indicates the level of trust you can place in that review. (b) At the product level: This is an overall trust score that is based on an aggregate of the reviews analyzed by Polygraf. This score is dynamic and changes in real time as new reviews are added.

What does a low or high Polygraf Trust score mean?

Trust scores are calculated from 1-100%. A trust score below 45% means that a review cannot be trusted, one between 45-72% indicates potential issues with trustworthiness & malicious intent, and one above 72% means a review is reliable. A trust score measures the reliability of a review, irrespective of whether it is a positive or negative review. It is not a judgment on the quality of the product or seller.

How do Polygraf Trust EngineI’s reassigned star ratings work?

Polygraf Trust Engine generates and reassigns star ratings at 2 levels: (a) at the individual review level: Current review ratings are subjective and include implicit human bias Our behavioral and sentiment AI protocols holistically analyze each review, considering various parameters, including tone and content. An AI-generated star rating based on NLP is then issued. Here are some examples; a simple statement like "Great company." won't automatically translate to a 5-star review with Polygraf AI's analysis, as it lacks sufficient context. Similarly, there may be a mismatch between the review description and the user-assigned rating. A review like "The directions are really hard to read, but the product quality is excellent and works great." doesn't deserve a 3-star rating. Polygraf’s NLP will address these issues and more, showing a clear correlation between review content and ratings. (a) at the product level: This is an overall star rating that is based on an aggregate of the reviews analyzed by Polygraf AI for a given product that were determined to be reliable (to be considered reliable a review has to have a trust score greater than 72%). It takes into account a variety of opinions analyzed and verified by our AI protocols and provides a simple mathematical average. This rating is dynamic and changes in real time as new reviews are added, giving you the most up-to-date sentiment of the product.

What are Polygraf Trust Engine Seller ratings?

Polygraf Trust Engine studies the reviews across all the products that a seller sells on the e-commerce platform to assign Seller Ratings. For e.g.; if our AI detects seller behavior across the platform that seems suspect, like multiple fake positive reviews, that is reflected in a lower seller rating. Sellers are rated as positive, neutral, or negative visualized by green, orange and red icons respectively.

What is a Polygraf Trust Engine Snapshot?

The Polygraph Trust Engine Snapshot is a quick summary of our overall AI analysis of the seller, product, and reviews, so you can make a quick decision. You’re always free to look at the trust score and rating of each individual review if you want to.

Do I have to install the Polygraf Trust Engine browser extension?

Polygraf Trust Engine is best experienced when installed into Google Chrome. Our extension is completely secure and doesn’t gather any private data, but simply analyzes the information for products and reviews you pick. To verify that you’re a real person, we ask for a quick registration with your email during the installation process. It’s also the only way we can verify your purchases and eligibility for our rewards program. But we understand that it’s not for everyone. We also offer the option to just analyze a single product url on our landing page. Simply copy and paste your Amazon product URL here [landing page/url analyze link]and we’ll do the rest. Using the URL analysis offers you all of Polygraf Trust Engine’s features, except the eligibility for our Sweepstakes, as we have no way to link your purchases to you.

How do I install the Polygraf Trust Engine browser extension?

You can either click the links on our homepage OR go to the Chrome Web Store for extensions and at the top left, enter "Polygraf Trust Engine" in the search box. The next page will feature overview, reviews & support information. To install, click the "Add to Chrome'' button on the top right. You'll confirm the installation and agree to allow Polygraf Trust Engine to "read and change all your data on all websites." (That's a typical disclaimer for browser extensions and we’ll explain more about it below.) Your choices are "Cancel" or "Add extension." To proceed, click "Add extension." The next page will show you a quick sign-up/registration page, where you’ll also verify that you're at least 18 years old and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy. You're done. Now you can: Verify if reviews are real, and trust what you read! Earn reward points and qualify for our sweepstakes to win up to $10,000 in monthly prizes

What browsers does Polygraf Trust Engine support?

Polygraf Trust Engine is presently available on Google Chrome.

How can I use Polygraf Trust Engine without using the extension?

Simply copy and paste your product URL in the analyze field here and we’ll do the rest. Or visit [landing page/url analyze link]. But since we’re unable to correlate your activity to you, not using the extension makes these activities ineligible for reward points and entry to our sweepstakes.

What are the Polygraf Trust Engine Sweepstakes? How can I be eligible to participate?

Every month, Polygraf Trust Engine gives away $10,000 to our users via our sweepstakes. The prizes are distributed as follows: 25 winners of $100, 4 winners of $500, 2 winners of $1000, and 1 winner of $2,500. To qualify for the giveaway, you need to use the Polygraf Trust Engine browser extension and make a purchase of at least $35 (exclusive of taxes and shipping) of a product or service on any of our supported merchant platforms. Every $35 you spend makes you eligible for a single (one) draw. If you spend $75, you get 2 draws, and so on. The more tickets you have, the more draws and the higher your chances of winning! Winners are chosen at random at the end of each month in a live AMA session and will also be notified via email provided during registration on how to receive prepaid Visa gift cards loaded with their dollar amounts. These cards can be used in the US, and anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. To be eligible, winners must be legal U.S. residents 18 years-of-age or older. Void where prohibited or restricted by applicable law, and all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply. Winners are responsible for any taxes, customs, duties, and like amounts connected with the prizes. Please review our Terms of Service for more information.

What information does Polygraf Trust Engine collect? Is my data secure?

Polygraf Trust Engine doesn’t collect any private data when you use the browser extension. Our analysis is limited to attributes and/or behaviors of products, reviews and their writers, and the sellers of said products. The sign-up phrase "read and change all your data on all websites." that appears when you install our extension is a typical disclaimer for browser extensions, and browser extensions wouldn't work without that functionality. Google continuously works to identify and remove bad actors on the Chrome Web store. We also collect your email during the extension installation process to verify you’re a real person. If you use our extension, we also track your eligible purchases to enter you in our monthly sweepstakes, and to assign reward points for your activities. Please review our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy for more information.

How is Polygraf Trust Engine associated with the merchant platforms?

Polygraf Trust Engine is an independent AI solution. As an affiliate, Polygraf Trust Engine may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from the merchant’s platform it operates on.

Is Polygraf an Amazon Affiliate?

As an affiliate, Polygraf Trust Engine may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from Amazon.