Print & Scan Governance

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Prevent Sensitive Data Leaks at the Point of Print & Scan.

Print & Scan Governance

Every Endpoint Matters.

Secure your printers and scanners with AI: automatically redact confidential, personal, or sensitive data, integrating your devices into your organization's cybersecurity and data governance strategy.

Product Features

Proprietary AI Governance and Real-time Protection


Utilizes proprietary small language models and advanced NLP techniques to automatically detect and redact PII/SPI/PCI/PHI or business-critical data at the point of print and scan.

Customizable Confidentiality Lists


Enables users to specify confidential entities and exceptions to redaction, allowing for role-based customization and compliance with specific privacy needs.

Zero Trust Architecture


Establishes strong identity verification and least privilege access in local and cloud deployments by verifying and authorizing users so confidential data is never exposed.

Seamless Integration


Supports driverless, remote, and cloud-based printing workflows by integrating with existing printers through APIs or operating as a standalone solution using a virtual printer.

Multi-format Input Compatibility


Supports multiple documents and file types including png, jpeg, pdf, etc.


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    Meet Compliance Requirements Effortlessly

    Stay compliant with internal and external data protection requirements, safeguarding your organization from potential legal and financial penalties.

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    Manage Data Risk

    Mitigate the risk of data breaches and potential reputational damage, with proactive monitoring and prevention of data exposure and policy violations at the vulnerable device level.

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    Cost-effective Automated Data Redaction

    Automate the redaction process and reduce the risk of missed redactions while saving countless person-hours.

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    Enhance Trust

    Show your stakeholders, customers, and partners that you prioritize data security and privacy by improving print security while increasing the flexibility, scalability, and productivity of your organization.

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Your Unbiased Trust Engine

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    Financial Services
    Protect sensitive client data with secure dissemination and efficient handling, boosting operational effectiveness and compliance with automated redaction.
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    Government & Legal
    Enhance security and streamline the handling of sensitive information by implementing automated device governance and redaction, reducing risks associated with manual handling and oversight.
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    Discern genuine human narratives from machine-generated ones, and ensure that the content you produce and distribute is of the highest quality.
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    Law Enforcement
    Streamline database and document management with robust redaction and device governance, ensuring the security of confidential information from unauthorized access
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    Healthcare & Pharma
    Enhance operational efficiency and compliance by automating redactions, reducing manual effort and securely handling sensitive patient information.

Our Products

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AI-powered Solutions that Enable you to Instantly Trust what you Read, Hear & See.

We understand the growing challenges posed by human and AI-generated misinformation, and we are committed to addressing these issues head-on.


AI Governance


Harness the power of AI while ensuring data privacy by preventing data breaches and leaks.


AI Content Detection


Redefine content authenticity with AI by distinguishing between human-generated content and generative AI outputs.


eCommerce Fake Review Detector


Use AI-powered authentication to identify false and misleading consumer reviews, including those generated by AI, with a single click.

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