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Leverage the Transformative Power of AI. Safely and Responsibly.

AI Governance

Minimize Risk, Data Breaches & Ethics Concerns.

Harness the power of AI while ensuring data privacy by preventing data breaches and leaks.

Product Features

Proprietary AI & Data Governance Solution


Polygraf’s cutting-edge on-prem solution empowers your employees to leverage commercially available AI tools and automation while maintaining strict adherence to data privacy regulations and ethical guidelines.

Zero Trust Architecture


Establishes robust identity verification, validates device compliance before granting access, and ensures least privilege access to only explicitly authorized resources with continuous trust verification and security inspection.

Seamless Integration


Integrates with your existing systems, security stack and AI tools effortlessly. Polygraf AI Suite is designed for on-prem operations with smooth compatibility, minimizing disruption and maximizing productivity.

Real-time Data Privacy & Confidentiality Protection


Automatically detects and protects PII/SPI/PCI/PHI or business-critical data with automatic personal information detection, customizable confidentiality lists, and seamless entity replacement, including at a point of scan and print.

Secure Data & Encryption


Your data stays where it belongs –with you. Our local, on-prem solution encrypts, masks, processes, and analyzes your data without it ever touching our servers.

Integration with Large Language Models


Enables direct use of the encoded text for any LLMs and AI tools as inputs, allowing secure interactions while preserving privacy.

Multi-Format Input Compatibility


Supports both text inputs and scanned/printed documents, providing flexibility for users with different data sources while incorporating scanning and printing solutions.

Persistent Encoding and Decoding


Encodes sensitive information, allowing users to use it safely as input for language models. Our application stores encoding schemes for future retrieval and restoration of the original data.

Our Unified AI Protocol Enables Enhanced Privacy, Productivity & Compliance

Polygraf stands at the forefront of ensuring a safer, more transparent digital ecosystem.

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Polygraf’s AI Suite is dedicated to creating a reliable and authentic digital ecosystem where humans and machines coexist.

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