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“Polygraf Trust Engine allows users to identify false & misleading consumer reviews, including those generated by AI, with a single click.“

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How does Polygraf Trust Engine help?


of online reviews are fake or `unreliable`**

Polygraf can determine the reliability & trustworthiness of a review with 98% accuracy*


Average yearly savings you get from using Polygraf**

* based on internal tests

** based on publicly available research data in 2023

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Check out products that have been validated by Polygraf users. Our AI engine takes into account multiple factors, including review content, product status, and reviewer behavior, identifying top-notch products quickly and easily

Our supporters

Aloe Blacc

Singer & Songwriter

"Last summer I had a deep fake where a blond, blue-eyed gentleman was singing my song in Mandarin, and a company resurfaced my face and my voice on top – so there’s a video of me singing this song in Mandarin. Polygraf AI is solving an existential problem that most of us don't even know is already here. "

Joseph Chan

Angel Investor

"I support because we simply cannot live in a world where AI is used to spread disinformation by bad actors. It goes against what is core to the American culture of Openness, and Truth, Liberty, & Justice for all."

Koh Onazawa

Angel Investor/co-ceo Bit2Me

"We are and will be living in a world where AI is omnipresent. Unfortunately, this has also blurred the lines between authentic and fabricated. I think the product, team, and time of Polygraf AI’s launch couldn't have been better."

Manmeet Singh Bhasin

Managing Partner, Punja Global Ventures

"We believe there is a huge market opportunity with what Polygraf is building…it will be particularly useful for government agencies, enterprises, media franchises, cyber security companies and public figures amongst many others."

Frequently Asked Questions

Still need help?

What is Polygraf AI?

Polygraf AI is an AI protocol that identifies if digital content is reliable, trustworthy, and/or AI-generated. Applied to online reviews, our free Chrome browser extension, Polygraf Trust Engine, uses our AI protocol to holistically analyze review content, product features, seller & buyer behavior, and provide you with an objective AI-generated star rating and trust score so that you can shop with confidence. Sellers can rely on the fact that reviews we analyze, good or bad, are genuine feedback from the customer experience and not from malicious actors looking to damage the brand. Satisfied customers also mean minimal returns.

What criteria are used by Polygraf Trust Engine when analyzing reviews & products?

Polygraf Trust Engine uses real-time behavioral AI in conjunction with sentiment analysis to analyze reviews. Our algorithm is holistic and also uses other parameters when determining content reliability & trustworthiness. Our analyses are in real-time and dynamic – as users write reviews for products, our AI updates Trust scores, snapshots & ratings at the reviews, products, and seller levels. It’s also always learning, so the more reviews we analyze – the more accurate and nuanced feedback you get.

What e-commerce websites is Polygraf Trust Engine currently available on?

Polygraf Trust Engine is presently available for products and reviews on Amazon, and but will soon be available for a variety of e-commerce platforms in the US and globally.

What are Polygraf Trust scores and how are they calculated?

Polygraf Trust Engine generates trust scores at 2 levels: (a) At the individual review level: We calculate our trust score for each review by using our advanced AI engine. Our AI engine considers a range of factors including the history and reputation of the writer, the language used in the review, the writer's tonality, and the consistency of the review with other reviews for the same and competing products. Our AI uses these factors to generate a holistic score that indicates the level of trust you can place in that review. (b) At the product level: This is an overall trust score that is based on an aggregate of the reviews analyzed by Polygraf. This score is dynamic and changes in real time as new reviews are added.

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