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Our Vision

At Polygraf AI, we are on a mission to combat fake and malicious digital content. Our AI-powered tools and solutions are designed to create a trustworthy digital landscape for everyone. We understand the growing challenges posed by human and AI-generated misinformation, and we are committed to addressing these issues head-on.

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We are an AI powered Trust Engine, born in Austin, TX, originally as a protest against fake online reviews. Polygraf AI uncovers the reality behind any text, audio or video content. With AI-powered real-time authentication, analytics, and insights, we’re paving the way for a trustworthy digital world where machines and humans can co-exist.

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Your Unbiased Trust Engine


Real-time Content Authentication

Polygraf AI's real-time verification sifts through mountains of digital content, quickly flagging anything that is less than genuine. Stay ahead of digital threats with us.


Reliability Assessment

Instantly identify whether content is human or AI-generated. With Polygraf AI, you get a clear understanding of the authenticity and reliability of any digital content you encounter.


Trust Score

We assign each piece of content with a trust score from 0-100%, coupled with actionable bullet point insight. We want you to make informed decisions based on the reliability of the content you consume anywhere online.


 Unparalleled Accuracy

Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, Polygraf AI offers unrivaled precision in exposing the fake and empowering the genuine. We strive beyond “I think it could be real”,  and use data driven metrics to get you to  “I know it’s real”.

Revolutionizing industries through innovative technology and practical applications


Protect yourself from fake reviews and fraudulent content. Use Polygraf AI to ensure authenticity in your everyday digital interactions.


Maintain the sanctity of your academic integrity. Identify generative AI content and ensure the authenticity of applications and submissions.


Collect authentic Net Promoter Score (NPS) insights, get instant custom analytics, and strategize effectively. Enhance your customer satisfaction & brand reputation with Polygraf AI.

Social Media Platforms

Eradicate bots and deceptive content. Create a reliable community with Polygraf AI.


Collect reliable comments and surveys with Polygraf iSaaS to emphasize your neutrality.


Shield your customers from fraudulent listings and counterfeit goods with Polygraf AI. Foster a trusted marketplace experience.


Maintain the integrity of official documentation, public communication & feedback. Use Polygraph AI to ensure the reliability of information shared with or collected from citizens to prevent misinformation.


Defend your brand from counterfeit digital content and mis-information. Validate your authenticity with Polygraf AI.

“Polygraf Trust Engine allows users to identify false & misleading consumer reviews, including those generated by AI, with a single click.“

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