Developing Safe & Responsible AI

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Preserving the Future of Trust by Validating Digital Content Created by Generative AI & Humans.

Building a Safer Future.

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In an era where the line between human-generated content and AI-produced outcomes is blurred, Polygraf stands at the forefront of ensuring a safer, more transparent digital ecosystem.


We believe in the immense potential of AI, but also recognize the imperative need to safeguard it against misuse. We're dedicated to ensuring that the digital space remains as reliable and trustworthy tomorrow as it was envisioned to be.

Proactive Monitoring

By continuously scanning the vast expanses of the digital world, we identify potential threats even before they become a reality.

Regulation & Compliance

Our solutions are tailored to meet the stringent needs of regulated financial entities and regulatory-centric organizations, mitigating risk & ensuring they stay ahead of compliance requirements while harnessing the power of AI.

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Data Security

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Your Data Integrity is Paramount. In a World where Data Breaches are all too common, Polygraf stands as a Beacon of Trust & Reliability.

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    Zero Trust Approach
    Adopting a Zero Trust model, our user interface ensures that data access is restricted, monitored, and authenticated at all times.
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    Mitigating Breaches
    Not only do we aim to prevent breaches, but our systems also identify potential weak points for sensitive & business-critical data, providing recommendations to bolster security.
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    We ensure that your data remains confidential, by keeping it localized at all times.
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Advanced AI Technology

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Our AI has been rigorously trained on a vast blend of human and AI-generated content. This has equipped our protocols with the ability to spot the subtlest of differences between human and machine generated content.

Broad Spectrum Analysis

From text and images to audio and video, our technology evaluates all forms of digital content, ensuring comprehensive safety coverage.

Precision & Accuracy

With meticulous training protocols, our AI has achieved remarkable precision in identifying and differentiating content origins, ensuring reliability in every analysis.

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At Polygraf, we envision a future where AI augments human capabilities without compromising safety, privacy, or ethical standards. Trust in our commitment to building this future with you.

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