AI & ML Engineer – Digital Text Specialization



Austin, USA


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Join the AI Innovation Leader in Austin!

Are you set to steer the digital narrative of a cutting-edge AI company? Polygraf AI invites a forward-thinking Social Media Manager to amplify our pioneering mission.

Why Polygraf AI?

Pioneering Excellence:

We've been recognized as the Top Analytics Startup to Watch Globally by Dealroom, listed among the Top Startups in Austin by the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, and awarded the SXSW/Established Startup Of The Year 2024 Top 10. We're not just a company but a force driving change in the AI landscape.

Innovation Hub:

Join a dynamic team of professionals who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of AI and data governance. Your contributions will shape the future of data security.

Impactful Work:

You'll have the opportunity to make a real difference by helping organizations protect their valuable data assets in an increasingly complex digital world.

About the Role

Are you passionate about pushing the boundaries of AI technology and its applications in the realm of validating digital content? We are at the forefront of innovation in AI Governance, and we are looking for talented individuals who are excited about shaping the future of AI. As an AI Engineer, at Polygraf, you’ll have the unique opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects that leverage artificial intelligence to derive meaningful information from digital content that ranges from text to audio, images, videos, and other visual inputs — and take actions or make recommendations based on that information. You will collaborate with a diverse and talented team of engineers, data scientists, and researchers to develop innovative solutions that redefine the AI landscape.

What You'll Do:

  • Innovate: Design, implement, and perpetually optimize cutting-edge AI models to

  • unmask and neutralize fake or manipulated digital content.

  • Collaborate: Work closely with product managers, scientists, full-stack engineers,

  • and designers to integrate detection & validation capabilities seamlessly into our

  • suite of user-facing AI solutions.

  • Stay Ahead: You will apply the latest advances in deep learning and machine

  • learning on various business and ML domains.

  • Experiment: Pilot new methodologies to distinguish AI-generated noise from

  • authentic digital

What you need:

  • Bachelor's degree or Master's degree in Computer Science, Computer

  • Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Systems or IT

  • Expertise in Python, along with a harmony of TensorFlow, PyTorch, or similar

  • frameworks in the AI/ML field.

  • Knowledge of AI technologies and approaches specifically related to

  • identifying AI-generated or altered digital content.

  • An appetite for knowledge and the courage to push boundaries and challenge

  • the status quo.

  • Team Spirit: A collaborative mindset that thrives in a fast-paced, solution-

  • oriented environment.

  • A commitment to the Polygraf creed of Zero Trust, ensuring that data

  • integrity remains unbreachable under your watch

Nice to have:

  • Experience working with diverse transformer architectures/attention mechanisms.

  • Knowledge of and experience in NLP and Generative AI techniques for text processing/classification. Specifically foundation models and autoencoders Experience combing through and rapidly implementing the state-of-the-art AI research artifacts.

  • Experience in the whole development lifecycle of an AI product from ideation to production.

As an equal opportunity employer, we highly value diversity and inclusion. We recognize that a diverse team brings unique perspectives, fosters ongoing innovation, and deepens our connection to the global community we serve. If you're enthusiastic about spearheading the next era of generative AI and leaving a profound impact on how individuals and brands create, we're eager to have you join our team.